Vienna Airport is in the Centrope region in the centre of Europe , one of the most dynamic transnational economic areas on the continent. Vienna in particular attracts many international investors on account of its hub function for neighbouring countries to the east.
The international competitiveness of this city is also impressive. In 2013 the gross regional product of Vienna was 82.8 billion euros, round a quarter of the Austrian added value. This makes it one of the top performers in Europe, ahead of cities like Amsterdam, Berlin or Helsinki. The per capita gross regional product is an indication of the standard of living and hence the purchasing power of a region. Vienna is also growing. This can be seen from population development between 2001 and 2011 and also in specific terms, e.g. the creation of new urban districts like Seestadt Aspern.


Vienna also scores highly in terms of quality of life. For the fourth time in succession it scored highest in the world in this regard in the Mercer study. This positive environment also attracts more and more tourists – nearly 15 million overnight stays in 2016, another record year.
Participation in scientific congresses is also booming – 330,000 persons in 2011. And in 2012 Vienna was the top congress city in the world for the eighth time running according to the ICCA ranking.
Last but not least, Vienna’s hub function and its international links are also reflected in the number of air passengers – well about 24.4 million a year at present.